The Rilea Group has been developing real estate projects in South Florida since 1981. We are known for taking a project from early inception, defining the right program and best use for the property and the project, from its development and construction phases, delivering in budget and time, and finding the correct exit strategy whether it be via leasing or sale.

Through experience, relationships and a hard-earned track record, one of our company's specialties and niches is acting as a project manager/fee-developer. This concept has permitted investors, sponsors & owners seeking to see their projects in South Florida become reality by having the peace of mind of having a strong company spearheading the entire development process. Our track record of completing large jobs on time and on budget is what has given the Rilea Group real credibility with lenders and sponsors.

As project managers, the Rilea Group has been involved in all aspects of development from start to finish. Here are some examples of what we're involved in:

  • Selecting and purchasing the right property and having it properly zoned and entitled.
  • Creating the right team of architects, engineers and consultants and defining the right development & scheduling program while setting up the clear scope of work for all participants.
  • Total involvement in the execution of the project and obtaining all required and necessary city and county permits.
  • Negotiations and hiring the right general contractor, completely handling of full construction job, maintaining it on time and budget, with weekly construction meetings in addition to constant job site visits, full coordination of resolving all RFIs (Request for Information) from all involved parties and overseeing the checks and balances of the entire construction process.
  • Bringing on board the commercial teams needed to broker, lease and/or sell the projects, create all lease and sale agreements as well as meticulously negotiating all contracts from the point of LOIs (Letter of Intent) through final inked contracts.